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Snore Attack Shield

Tongue Posturing Device

Thank you for choosing the Snore Attack Shield to help with your snoring.


How to use the shield with your Aer Dorsal MAS

  1. The tabs on the shield are there for patients who do not have an Aer Dorsal. You will need to cut them off, please refer to our instructions below.

  2. First, insert the upper and lower parts of the Aer Dorsal into your mouth.

  3. Then, insert the shield into the gap behind your lips and cheeks and in front of your teeth and Aer Dorsal.

  4. Slide the shield down one side of your teeth until you can slide the other end into your mouth and behind your lips.

  5. Tuck the edges of the shield behind your cheeks and in front of your teeth and appliance, and gently swallow until you feel a suction in the upper palate (the roof of your mouth).

  6. Finally, ensure your tongue posture is correct by positioning your tongue in the palate and relaxing your soft palate against the back of your tongue.


Please look at the product brochure below for further information.

Snore Attack Shield A6_Print_Template v23.4.24.jpg
Snore Attack Shield A6_Print_Template2 v23.4.24.jpg
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