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Sleep Test at Home with Medicare Coverage

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How well do you sleep?

Convenient at Home Sleep Testing

Aer Healthcare is the premier at-home sleep testing service that gives you more for less.

  • Delivered to your door

  • Medicare Approved 

  • Small and easy to use

  • Sleep Physician Diagnosis

Get answers with Better Solutions.
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"Sleep testing should be available wherever you happen to be; and expert advice follows in the same manner''

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Our Services


Adult Sleep Test

Medicare-approved sleep study.

Pay a low out-of-pocket fee of $185.00 

Young Adult Sleep Test

Sleep testing for kids aged between 15-17 years with approval from our sleep physician.

A low fee of just $300.00



Sleep Screening for Children

Simple, easy-to-use sleep screening is available for kids aged between 4-17 years.

Only $150.00

Sleep Screening for Adults

Great for follow up testing after an oral appliance

Only $150.00



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