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Sleep Screening for Adults. The best sleep screening device in Australia. 95% accurate to PSG*.
Check up on your sleep or your snoring therapy for just $150.00.

Our easy-to-use sleep screening monitor allows for viewing sleep data in real-time, as well as obtaining a detailed and professional sleep quality report.


When we combine our Sleep Breathe monitor with the easy-to-wear Adult 02 sleep ring, we obtain the best picture of your sleep.

Oxygen rings alone can not detail how successful your therapy is going, or recent laser surgery has been.

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  • Is this a CPAP mask?

    • No, there is no seal around the mask, just a comfy rubber support​.

  • Will my I be able to breathe normally?​

    • Yes, there is no pressurised air at all, the mask positions the thermister reader in the correct place for good data collection.​

  • Will I be comfortable?​

    • Yes, the mask is soft to the face and the straps go around the ears and are adjustable for comfort.​

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Adult O2 ring features.jpg
We combine these sensors to give you the best data
Our devices are as accurate as the sensors used in PSG
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