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Sleep Screening can tell you what you need to know about your precious little people.

Our easy-to-use sleep screening monitor allows for viewing sleep data in real-time, as well as obtaining a detailed and professional sleep quality report.


When we combine our Sleep Breathe monitor with the easy-to-wear 02 Kids sleep ring, we obtain the best picture of your child's sleep.

Oxygen rings alone can not detail what your child is suffering from at night.

  • Is this a CPAP mask?

    • No, there is no seal around the mask, just a comfy rubber support​.

  • Will my child be able to breathe normally?​

    • Yes, there is no pressurised air at all, the mask positions the thermister reader in the correct place for good data collection.​

  • Will my child be comfortable?​

    • Yes, the mask is soft to the face and the straps go around the ears and are adjustable for comfort.​

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