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This message is to prepare you for our upcoming video call to start your CPAP trial.

The machine is ready to go.

Follow this quick start process to get going.

  1. Plug the white heated tube onto the back of the CPAP device.

  2. Plug in the machine to power, the screen will light up immediately to show the machine is ready.

  3. Please note that you will keep the machine in one place when using it so make sure it is on a bedside table not on the floor. This is where you will bring the water tank to the machine- do not carry the machine to the water source.

  4. Remove the clear water tank by gripping it and pulling it hard from the machine to slide it out.

  5. Open the tank and fill it up with tap water to the max water line and take the tank back to the CPAP to reinsert it into the device. It is OK to take the water tank to the machine.


  7. Always empty the water tank before moving the CPAP to another location.

  8. Plug the mask into the end of the hose and put it on your face, fit the mask by gentle pressure on the nose, if the mask leaks only tighten enough to stop the leak, do not over-tighten the mask.

  9. When you breathe in the machine will start automatically.

  10. When you want to stop the flow of air, push the top button once, then push it in again and hold it for 3 seconds and the air will stop.

  11. Please follow this quick start and breathe in and out to get a feel of the unit prior to our call. This will allow us to discuss the initial impression from you. I will speak to at our appointed video time These are the points I will cover, but right now try to wear the CPAP.


Additional information:

  • The machine is ready to go.

  • Practice breathing with the machine for at least 1 hour sitting up and laying down WELL BEFORE bed.

  • Adjust the mask to be loose while the machine is running and tighten lightly until the mask does not leak.

  • This is a nasal mask so place it under the nose NOT in the mouth.

  • DO NOT over-tighten the mask to the face "less is more”.

  • Fit the mask so it sits above the lip and is not too tight, this allows the mask to inflate and gently hug the nose.

  • Position the hose to come down from over the bedhead, or over a large pillow if no bedhead is present and have enough length in the hose from the pillow or bedhead to be able to lay down and turn from side to side on the pillow. This makes the mask "weightless" for easy wear.


  • HUM ON THE OUT BREATH THROUGH THE NOSE (LIKE MEDITATION) This teaches one how to keep the tongue in position when breathing with CPAP, so mouth leak does not happen.

  • You do not have to hum all night this is for practice and tongue position.

  • Clean the mask when it gets "shiny" with hand soap liquid soap, take the mask cup off to do this.

  • Fresh water every day in the humidifier tank- only use tap water.

  • Do not carry the machine with water in it or it will be ruined, and you will have to pay for any repairs or replacement

  • I will expect weekly feedback reports filled out, these reports come as a link to you when the 7,14,21, and 28 report reminders hit my calendar day.

  • You will get text messages with instructions on what I need from you to be able to monitor your usage.


Kind regards,

Chris Kelly

Aer Healthcare

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