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Aer Dorsal Morning Positioner Guide

10 minutes every day towards better bite health

How does it work?


The Aer Dorsal MAS comes with a morning positioner. 

The positioner is used to tension and wake up the retractive ligaments and muscles in the mouth after a full night of lower jaw repositioning while using the Aer Dorsal MAS.

The exercises in this document assist the lower jaw to return to a comfortable overbite and overjet (MMR) ''bite'' for normal function during the day.*

What do I do?

The exercises in this guide can be done in the morning, while you are still in bed. We suggest you wake up 10 minutes earlier, so you can fit these exercises into your morning routine.

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Step 1.

Remove the Snore Attack Shield and the bottom and then top  trays of your device from your mouth

Step 2.

Place the morning positioner in your mouth onto your bottom teeth.


Step 3.

Put the tip of your tongue up and to the back of the roof of your mouth, as far back as you can. Hold your tongue in the position and close your teeth together


Step 4.

Relax your tongue while keeping your mouth firmly closed in this position

black dude resting.jpg

Step 5.

Clench your teeth as hard as you can while in the position from step 4. Hold this clench until it becomes slightly uncomfortable to keep going.

It is normal to feel some discomfort in your muscles while doing this excercise.

Step 6.

When you can no longer tolerate the discomfort, release the clench slightly while trying to slide your lower jaw further back. Clench your teeth again as hard as you can tolerate.

open mouth_edited.png

Step 7.

After performing a couple of clenching exercises, we recommend that you relax your muscles by opening your mouth as wide as you can and wiggling your lower jaw from side to side comfortably- do not hurt yourself

Step 8.

Repeat steps 3 through 7 for 10 minutes every morning.

If you have any further questions, please consult the dental practitioner that provided the Aer Dorsal to you.

*Normal overjet and overbite (MMR) can be affected by several factors such as the amount of mandibular protrusion set by the appliance, the vertical height set in the appliance, and the individual factors particular to the patient in relation to existing TMJ health and upper and lower jaw class relationship. Aer Healthcare makes no warranty or guarantee for a normal MMR. Any bite change that occurs should be dealt with by the patient and the treating dentist. Aer Healthcare makes no warranty or guarantees on behalf of the treating dentist in relation to the effects on the MMR by the oral appliance. The morning repositioner is not warranted to be 100% effective in relation to MMR change correction or correction in any sense.

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