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Aer Healthcare: Your one-stop dental sleep services shop

At Aer Healthcare, we bring sleep testing to the comfort of your home anywhere in Australia. Our seamless at-home delivery eliminates the need for specialist referrals—we take care of that for you. With our online-based system, patients securely provide personal health information in a protected HIPAA environment. Now, dentists can effortlessly support their patients' sleep health without dealing with messy equipment. We understand dentists want the report, not the work, and Aer Healthcare makes that a reality.

Aer Healthcare is revolutionizing sleep services, especially for dentists recognizing the crucial link between sleep disorders and dental health. Here's why dentists should choose our service over others: precise insights, ease of interpretation, and comprehensive information for effective patient care.


Understanding Bruxism:


Bruxism, often overlooked in traditional sleep testing, disrupts sleep architecture and impacts dental health. Aer Healthcare is committed to aiding dentists in early detection and intervention, addressing not just Bruxism but its intricate relationship with overall sleep quality.


Aer Healthcare's Technology:


Our technology, with state-of-the-art sensors and AI algorithms, not only accurately detects Bruxism but offers dentists clear, actionable insights. We provide user-friendly sleep reports, ensuring dentists receive crucial information about patients' nocturnal habits affecting dental health.


Aer Healthcare's Key Advantages:


1. User-Friendly Reports:

   Dentists receive detailed, easy-to-understand sleep reports, empowering them with essential information about their patients' nocturnal habits. This clear data allows for targeted interventions to improve both sleep and dental health.


2. Comprehensive Information:

   Aer Healthcare's reports go beyond Bruxism, offering dentists a comprehensive view of their patient's sleep. Understand the patient's sleep architecture, arousal threshold, and collapsibility of the airway—information vital for protecting teeth and jaw anatomy.


3. Collaborative Care:

   Active collaboration with dentists ensures our technology enhances patient care. Dentists receive comprehensive reports, facilitating a joint approach to diagnosis and treatment planning, ultimately improving patient sleep and dental well-being.


4. Beyond AHI Measurements:

   Our service goes beyond standard AHI measurements. Dentists gain insights into the collapsibility of the patient's airway, crucial for a more nuanced understanding of respiratory issues, beyond the limitations of current sleep services.


5. Arousal Threshold Analysis:

   Aer Healthcare's technology goes above and beyond standard arousal indices. Dentists can gauge how easily a patient is awakened, providing a deeper understanding of sleep disturbances and aiding in personalized treatment strategies.


Why Choose Aer Healthcare:

Dentists choosing Aer Healthcare gain a competitive edge in dental sleep medicine. Our technology offers precise, user-friendly reports that empower dentists to improve both sleep and dental health. With comprehensive insights and advanced diagnostics, Aer Healthcare is the ally dentists need for enhanced patient care and dental practice success.

Demand more from your sleep reports. Choose Aer Healthcare for unparalleled insights into your patients' sleep and dental health. Elevate your practice with technology that goes beyond, ensuring the best care for your patients.

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