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Aer Dorsal Quick Start Guide

This is where you can learn the essential information of how to use and clean your Aer Dorsal MAS

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1. What do I do every Day?

  1. Inspect the device prior to each use. Are the fin lock pins in place?

  2. Insert the TOP tray first onto your top teeth 

  3. Insert the Bottom tray second while you stick your bottom jaw out a little. 

  • The trays should not be worn separately.​

  • You should only take the fins off to clean under them

  • This is a prescribed device- only change fin size under advice of your dental professional

2. How do I clean the Aer Dorsal?

  1. Clean the device every day

  2. Use fresh water and cleaner every day

  3. We recommend Aer Clean powder, - if the product is not proven to clean nylon appliances perfectly, do not use the product.

  4. Rinse the device under running water to remove the night's saliva.

  5. Soak the device in cool, clean water and cleaner, all day, every day.

  6. If the device gets dirty, it is clear that you are not cleaning it every day and soaking it all day. There is no warranty for dirty devices.

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3. Changing/Cleaning* under the Fins

*Cleaning under the Fins should be done every month for one day clean only

  • You must take the Lock pins out of the fins before trying to remove the fins from the mouth device tray

  • When you put them back in, the lock pins can fit on either side; they are not fin—and side-specific.

  • Take the fins off the appliance to reveal the support frame.

  • Please remember to push the lock pin into the fin before you soak the fin and mouth device trays

  • This way you will not lose the little lock pins when you empty the water

  • Remember to take the pins out of the fins before you try to replace the fins onto the support frame after cleaning

  • Replace the fins with a 'click' and then replace the lock pins

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