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  • Chris Kelly

Don't let your bruxism and OSA patients fly under the radar

Aer's passports make booking a sleep study easy

Let's take a moment to talk about Hugh Snoreman.

Hugh had a healthy, active lifestyle, but he was always feeling tired.

Sometimes Hugh's partner would complain about his snoring, but he thought that a bit of snoring was no big deal.

Hugh's teeth were becoming cracked and worn. He decided to book an appointment with his local dentist.

Luckily, Hugh's dentist noticed the signs of bruxism and OSA, and asked Hugh to book in for a sleep study with Aer Healthcare.

People just like Hugh Snoreman are coming to your clinic everyday.

How does it work?

1. Give your patient an Aer passport.

2. Your patient scans the QR code.

3. Your patient fills in the online forms and books their home sleep study.

Click on the link below and we'll send some free Aer passports to your clinic.

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